The "Techwinder" series, a high tech yet user friendly watch winder, has all the functions one could think of for an automatic watch winder. It's technology is cutting edge yet very simple to use. 

Our unique patent-pending "One Knob" control allow users to turn just one knob to set to the correct settings for any watch brands. 

So Advance yet So Simple to Operate

The Techwinder is a very simple to operate watch winder. All you need is turn one knob on the front, then you are all set. It will automatically rotate your watch in the right direction, in the right turns per day, and in the right turn-and-rest cycle. So simple to operate yet the technology behind it is quite complicate and advance. 

For the users, it is a total care free and simple to use watch winder. It will even turn on itself the next day at the same time, all automatically. No human intervention is required. 

The Techwinder series has winder models for one to 4 watches.


  • Patent pending easy to operate "One-Knob" control. Just one simple turn of the front knob will set your winder to the correct setting. 

  • "Super Quite Motor" means a literally noise-free winder that you can place it on bedside. 

  • 3 user select turning direction: Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise, Alternating (clockwise then counter-clockwise); to fit all watch brands' winding direction requirements. 

  • Adjustable Turns per Day to fit all watch brands' winding requirements (from 450 TPD to 850 TPD); with intermediate rest cycle to minimize potential stress to the watch movement. 




4 watches Winders


2 watches Winders

Single Watch Winders


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